I'm not an authority on electronic music, but I am surrounded by musician friends of a particular creativity and I am the creator of an electronic music magazine called Extratone. I also curate the music podcast Extratone Radio. For tastemaking's sake, I maintain a public Bandcamp Collection and a playlist on Apple Music called Islands of the most astonishing and unique electronic tracks I come across. There's also C̸ ̵O̷ ̴N̵ ̶T̸ ̵A̵ ̴C̶ ̵T̴, which is filled with tracks cross-genre that are guaranteed to touch you.

--- I've intermittently recorded [piano improvs]( under my own name (though I haven't properly in a good while.) On [*Four*](, my most recent improv tape, I used two knockoff SM57s placed directly above my sleepy childhood upright piano at my mom's house through a USB mixer and [livestreamed most of the recording]( The result is a fairly good representation of what I was doing musically at the time and probably the most dynamically interesting of all the recordings I've captured. The instrument itself has a very particular dreamy quality that I've never heard on any other. If you'd like to chat about music or share your own, you're more than welcome to join the [**music channel on *Extratone*'s Discord**](