Kara Swisher interviewed Matt Mullenweg on Recode Decode! It's extremely sad how excited I was to see this in my podcast feed (and that I'm already writing about it before the post has actually gone up on Recode, itself.)

They discussed MovableType briefly, which was revived in 2013 and now has a 50% Japanese language usership, and I'd really like to know how that happened.

Also, I had no idea his and WordPress' company, Automattic owned Longreads and Atavist. Hilariously, I also found out his old blog themes are now available in the WordPress theme directory. Unfortunately, I had to wait a whole darned week for a "lightly-edited transcript" [local backup] of this episode, but frankly, I'm just glad they decided it was worth transcribing at all, considering WordPress' out-of-the-excitable-for-dabblers status. I mean... it was probably a bit cruel to place Mullenweg's episode in direct followup to Kara Swisher's interview with Mark Zuckerberg the previous week, which - for obvious and entirely-justified reasons - will surely be the most-listened-to Recode Decode episode by far in its recent history, at least. 

"I've been doing WordPress for 15 years and I'd like to do it the rest of my life."

Yiokes! Ya know? You're damned right, "oof."

"I think every tech company should have an editorial team."

Out of signficant and nearly-unbearably heavy bias, I must agree wholeheartedly with this statement - and Mullenweg's requisite elaboration - and I must leave you with the expression of one final wish: that Zuckerberg had been interviewed post-Matt, instead, and Kara Swisher would've brought this up with him.