Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live two years spending all - and I literally mean all - of your free time screwing around on the web? Well, I guess I should really do an AMA on the Read It website because that's me! I realized last night how ridiculous it was to allow this blog to be indexed by search engines, so I added a motherfuckin bypass request to the goddamned robots.txt! That makes you super "sus" for reading this, but I guess you get this exclusivebehind-the-scenes pre-release of the front cover on Extratone Magazine's first issue. Though I am now a Certified Gimp Poweruser and I spent a long time on this, it's pretty fuckin bad. I do think we should do our best to compile a print release of all the best stuff from the past two years some time in the near future, and I'm now pretty sure that I should get somebody else to do the cover...

I've decided that Vice's Motherboard and Waypoint are tied for Extratone's #1 competitor and they're uhhh... definitely winning - Laugh, Out Loud - yet I don't envy them at all, if I'm completely honest: video games are cool and longform game reviews are incredible, but they've never had an audience, really, so the two justify their respective existences as Vice properties by their quaint, internet culture-inspired overuse of the terms "boys" and "sons." Regardless, my bum-fucking led to an interview that definitely fucking belongs on Drycast with Angela Nagle - author of Kill All Normies.

Yeah... Holy shit. What a supremely relevant conversation to just stumble upon, fuckin' around on Apple Podcasts (no lie.) I am actually obligated to read and review this book - it's like a textbook for the niche online culture we had to watch turn a lot of our proxy communities culture2WWDC 1999o shit in high school. The last time I heard/used the term "normie," it in no way belonged to Read It or 4 Channel nazis... just anime Twitter NEETs. (Yes, I know they overlap, but jeez.)

I can reliably vouch for pink hair as a 100% accurate marker for a cultural marxist. Anyway, I'd now like to welcome you to the 1999 World Wide Developer's Conference. Look at those typefaces! Why can't we go back to that?