What the fuck is a "Sub Brand?"

Shife is a subbrand. Words of David Blue in Red is also a subbrand of mine, and I've decided to experiment with it by distributing it on Medium via a "personal publication" for a variety of reasons.

Just this evening, I discovered Schick Toikka's Saol Display via this Tweet from Typographica and I'm Fucking In Love. I used Vivaldi screen captures of their sampler to create a few banner logos for Red Letters at a lower resolution than I'd prefer for "brand assets," but since this whole thing is an experiment and I haven't actually bought the typeface, I shan't complain. While we're on the subject - I actually created these super-cool, HP Journal-sourced promotional panels for the column two weeks ago using the same IBM corporate typeface this blog wears (Plex.)

Custom dropcaps are easier than I remembered/expected - I can't recall how much I've actually played around with Medium composition in the past - and Electric Literature definitely has the best I've seen thus far.

Also, the post from that sample - "How Writing Closed Captions Turned Me off TV For Good" - is probably the best thing I've yet read on Medium.


I don't know how many other folks actually listen to Tomorrow with Joshua Topolsky (though you'll note the show has less than 3000 followers on SoundCloud) and The Vergecast, but I do regularly and have for nearly three years now - perhaps I have some odd attachment with the EngadgetVox MediaThe Outline sphere. Over time, Paul Miller has become one of my favorite tech journalists as perhaps the token small-government Christian Republican of this community, yet I somehow missed his appearance on Tomorrow in 2016, when he... unfortunately... said "I love [Donald Trump's] position on Mexicans," but then immediately followed up with an insightful comparison of our new POTUS with Kanye West. The thing with Paul is that he's only explicitly mentioned his contentious (as far as New Media goes) positions once, when asked on this podcast, and it's inevitably tough to listen to and even tougher to read the sparse SoundCloud comments.

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