The latest on the I told you soI said that first! beat: The Verge's Patricia Hernandez wrote a feature about Twitch streamers without an audience

Hopstad, who has spent years streaming mostly to no one, says he is a socialist who cares about the minimum wage, and Twitch gives him an outlet to talk about his beliefs that he doesn’t have in real life. “I’m not a social person so I don’t seek out opportunities to talk about things, like on message boards, especially stuff like politics, I’m comfortable going through a day without talking or interacting with anyone,” Hopstad said. “Twitch certainly helped me attempt to break through my hermit nature, but I think I’m becoming more comfortable with just being alone for the rest of my life.”

How charming.

I've been marveling at just how whitewashed Portland is since I first got here last Fall, but I now (unfortunately) have real, tangible, New York Times-published validation of this perception. As co-host of Still Processing, Jenna Wortham recounted her experience coming to the Tin House Summer Workshop.

"There are more 'Black Lives Matter' signs in people's yards, windows, and storefronts than I saw visible black lives!"