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After the past few months (and years, tbh) of news, that Summer I spent with virtually zero internet access is starting to look better and better.

I don't think of myself as having a tab problem, largely because my Main Machine at the moment is a less-than-three-pound Microsoft Surface Laptop 2 with just 8GB of RAM and - while it technically is capable of running with some ridiculous number of browser tabs open - it's unable to do so unnoticeably. I could claim that I do

Around for a couple of years, this browser essentially takes out as much cruft as it possibly can from the experience. (...)

I think the reason why the browser is so effective at its goal of minimalism is because of how it manages tab overload. Rather than simply letting tabs fill up, you’re encouraged to create “tasks” that let you divide different use cases up. As a writer, the way I’ve been using tasks has been to create a new one for every story I write and research, so that I can separate those ideas out without them getting in the way of everything else. (I can also hide the usual junk that sits in the pinned tabs in its own task.)

An overabundance of tabs is a well-established problem among those who spend their entire days combing the internet, where distraction reigns king.